How to Unplug

Section 1V1-IntroductionFree Preview

Lecture 1A brief OverFree Preview

Section 2V2-3 Steps to Disconnect
Lecture 2
Section 3V3-5 Signs
Lecture 3
Section 4V4-Break Up With Your Phone
Lecture 4
Section 5V5-Break Up with Social Media
Lecture 5
Section 6V6-Reconnect With Your Life
Lecture 6
Section 7V6-Develop a Healthy Relationship
Lecture 7
Section 8V8-Science Behind Your Device
Lecture 8
Section 9V9-Improve Your Attention
Lecture 9
Section 10v10-3 Ways to Change
Lecture 10
Section 11V11-Improve Your Sleep
Lecture 11
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